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Laser Cutting

From volume to prototype – faster, efficient, and LaFollette delivers.

On the production floor, you’ll find Fiber & CO2 lasers for high power, high speed and versatility. Mitsubishi’s ML3015eX-F60 installed in 2020, our eighth laser, supports the need for speed with cut times that drive fast. The increased productivity and diverse laser technology are combined with SolidWorks and Amada’s AP100US/FabriWIN CAD/CAM system to take your drawings, files and designs to prototype or production with world-class quality.

LaFollette has the knowledge and experience to put this technology to work for you.  Every day we process sheet metal and other materials with the highest degree of precision and efficiency for quick delivery when you need it most.

Other laser capabilities include: etching


Mitsubishi ML3015eX-F60-D
6000 Watt Fiber Laser
Auto Pallet Change
60” X 120” Table

Mitsubishi ML3015EXPlus
4500 Watt CO2 Laser
Auto Pallet Change
60” X 120” Table

eX PLUS_3015_

Material and Maximum Thickness for Laser Cutting

1” Carbon Steel
1“ Stainless
3/4″ Aluminum
1/4″ Titanium

Other material: Copper, Brass, Monel, Inconel, etc.

Min. material thickness .001″