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Laser Cutting

At LaFollette, we don’t just cut metal, we process possibilities. By utilizing both Fiber and CO2 laser technologies, we bring a modern approach to illuminate your unique project. From prototype to production, if you need parts today, LaFollette delivers.

Precision Metal Forming

With the experience to transform any surface to a new dimension, LaFollette is where precision meets productivity, bringing your project to new heights. Whatever length, width, and depth, we’ve got you covered. At LaFollette, customer designs are more than blueprints – they’re sparks of inspiration with each bend.

“With a legacy dating back to the 1930s, LaFollette stands as a pioneer in laser cutting and precision metal forming, collaborating with established high-end companies as well as being accessible to startups. Embracing evolution is a key aspect of our ethos.”

— La Follette Machine & Tool Co., Inc.

The Joy of MFG !™

Volume to prototypes. Customer designs take shape in La Follette, Tennessee. Located within a 35 mile radius of Knoxville and Oak Ridge, our company is conveniently located to support commercial industries and prime contractors of all sizes.

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